What you can do

Join our pickets
Come down and join our regular pickets outside London Met.
The bigger and noisier our protests, the more notice London Met will have to take of us.

Complain to London Met management
Protest to the following in the London Met hierarchy, and demand that they sack Bob Lambert:

• John Raftery
, Vice-Chancellor; email: j.raftery@londonmet.ac.uk

 Tel: 020 7133 2001
• Peter McCaffery
, Deputy Vice-Chancellor; email: P.McCaffery@londonmet.ac.uk. Tel: 020 7133 2401
• Jonathan Woodhead, Executive Officer; email: j.woodhead@londonmet.ac.uk
. Tel: 020 7133 2042
• Paul Bowler
, Deputy Chief Executive; email: P.Bowler@londonmet.ac.uk Tel: 020 7133 2031
• Peter Garrod
, University Secretary and Clerk to the Board; email: p.garrod@londonmet.ac.uk
. Tel: 020 7133 2004

You can also email Bob Lambert directly and let him know what you think of his activities: r.lambert@londonmet.ac.uk

Spread the Word
Tell others about this campaign, raise the issue in your networks, communities, union, etc.
The more people know about Bob, the more pressure we all put on the university, the more likely it is that he will have to go.

Sign Our e-Petition

… demanding Bob Lambert’s removal; even if you think petitions don’t achieve much, it may help pile pressure on London Metropolitan:



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