Join pickets against spycops Wednesday 9th March

On Wednesday 8th March there will be two pickets relating to ongoing police attitudes to undercover police spying on campaigning groups, and exporting surveillance and repression techniques around the world.

1. Emergency picket of New Scotland Yard, Weds 9 March, 4-5pm, protesting spy cops actions, and demanding Met abandon policy of Neither Confirming Nor Denying whether an individual was or wasn’t a police officer.. A policy designed to frustrate all those fighting to discover how they have been targetted, exploited for sex, and covertly monitored.
The reason we are doing this at this time is as a solidarity action with events on this issue taking places elsewhere: there will be some news breaking related to former spycop that day.
Please pass on if you can’t attend.

New Scotland Yard, 8-10 Broadway, London SW1H 0BG

Called by Islington against Police Spies


2. 5pm same day: Netpol demo at Home Office, protesting the Security & Policing event.

Home Office
2 Marsham Street, London London, SW1P 4DF

Join a mass demonstration outside the Home Office to demand an end to their secretive ‘Security and Policing 2016’ event happening this March in Farnborough.

We’ll start at 5pm sharp to make sure we are there when Home Office staff are leaving for the day. We’ll be sharing stories of state repression and militarised policing from people who have been impacted in different ways. At 5.45pm we will have a vigil and lay candles and symbols in tribute to victims of state repression and militarised policing.

Confirmed speakers (will be updated):
– London Mexico Solidarity: the UK’s role in arming Mexico and the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa
– Bahraini survivor of torture and detention

About ‘Security and Policing 2016’

Behind closed doors, the Home Office is hosting a three day shopping spree. Governments, police forces and military delegations from around the world can buy all the necessary equipment to support violent militarised policing, aggressive border controls and oppressive surveillance operations.

Organised far from London, it provides a “discreet environment” for hundreds of companies who want to “display products which would be too sensitive to show in a more open environment”. Companies such as Serco who make a fat profit from the inhumane detention of thousands of refugees in centres like Yarls Wood; or weapons companies like BAE systems whose business is dependent on human suffering and continuous wars.

The heavy policing of borders, militarisation of police, increased surveillance of civilians and high military spending do not improve security and they do not make any of us safer. They make the world a more dangerous place and we need to resist all of it.


Organising groups:
Stop the Arms Fair
Network for Police Monitoring
Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants
Campaign Against Arms Trade


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