Lambert Resigns!

A timely Xmas present for all of us who have been targetted by undercover police for campaigning to change the world for the better, or for justice for our murdered relatives…

Bob Lambert resigns as University lecturer over spying controversy.

Former undercover police infiltrator and spymaster Bob Lambert has stepped down from his posts at both London Metropolitan University and St Andrews University. His resignation comes in the wake of growing calls for him to be sacked over the controversy surrounding his involvement in undercover police operations in the 1980s.

It has been announced that Bob Lambert resigned from his position as a lecturer as London Metropolitan University earlier this month.Today it was also announced that he will also leave his post at St Andrews.

In a statement from St Andrews University it was announced that Dr Lambert’s resignation will take effect from the end of the current term.

Exposed as a high ranking undercover police officer in 2011, Dr Lambert has been accused of using his position to pursue sexual relationships with women who were also his targets.

As a member of the Metropilitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad, Lambert posed as an animal rights activist from 1983 to 1988. As part of this operation, he fathered a son with an unsuspecting woman before abandoning them both. The woman in question, who has referred to experience as “state rape” subsequently received £400,000 in compensation from the Metropolitan Police.

Lambert also entered into in at least another three relationships with  women in order to lend “credence” to his undercover persona. His involvement in many of the Animal Liberation Front’s activities, including setting fire to a Debenhams, went beyond information gathering, to the point where he was acting as an agent provocateur. He later rose to head the Special Demonstration Squad, where he supervised the infiltration of numerous other undercover police into campaigning, political and environmental groups. Most notoriously officers under his watch were directed to spy on the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, and spies were also directed to penetrate the Lawrence campaign during the inquiry into his murder and into racism in the police. The role of these spies was to undermine and if possible discredit the family and campaigners, as well as to prepare the Met for the family’s approach to the Inquiry.

Lambert was also in charge of the SDS when trade unionists working in construction industry had detailed information on them passed by undercover police to superiors – information that later came into the hands of private firms running a blacklist on behalf of large construction firms. Many of these workers lost their jobs or were otherwise harassed as a result. Serious questions remain about Lambert and the SDS’s role in the blacklisting scandal –  did Lambert or more senior figures in the Met pass material gathered by police spies to the blacklisters.

A recipient of an MBE for his services to the police, Lambert has also faced allegations that he appeared in court under the name of his undercover identity, Bob Robinson, rather than his real name.

In an interview with Channel 4 in 2013, Lambert admitted that he had been “cruel” in pursuing relationships with women in activist groups that he was targeting.

Lambert’s resignation is a vindication for all campaigners, who have called for Lambert to be sacked from his position, since 2011, when he was exposed as a former SDS operative and superviser. But his resignation comes as a judicial inquiry into undercover policing is about to begin, where we are working hard for a wealth of further information about undercover policing to be revealed to the targets:

– the families of murder victims, people who have died and been killed in custody, and sufferers of racist attacks who were spied on by the cops, instead of achieving any justice;
– the many women sexually exploited by the undercover police, deliberately condoned by the SDS and senior policemen;
– the numberless community campaigns, political groupings, animal rights, environmental groups and anti-war organisations, the list is almost endless…

Both Universities had consistently resisted calls to sack him and stated that his teaching was highly valued by his students. However the large number of dark points in his past raise serious questions about whether he should EVER have been employed in a position of trust.

While his resignation might spell the end of his academic career in London Met and St Andrews, IT DOES NOT SPELL THE END OF OUR INTEREST IN BOB LAMBERT. Many questions remain about his work over 30 years in Special Branch. Some of it may be forced into the light by the Inquiry; but Lambert’s work in the dark underbelly of repressive policing may never be fully revealed. Islington Against Police Spies  will continue to play a part in uncovering this master manipulator’s torrid history.

BUT FOR NOW – let’s drink a toast: Well done to all the campaigners, students and staff at both St Andrews and London Metropolitan universities, local community activists and others who pushed for Lambert to be held to account! This is just the beginning…


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