Sign Our e-petition

Islington Against Police Spies have started an e-petition “Sack Bob Lambert” and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

We know many people out there are deeply cynical about petitions and how much they achieve – in many ways, so are we. But in this case, we think it might help in our limited aim of forcing this lecturer with a very dodgy past out of his job. London Metropolitan University have been forced to defend their decision to keep Lambert employed on TV; increasing press attention and awareness of this case can only pile on the pressure. A petition can help add to this momentum.

We know signing a petition isn’t enough – we are working in many ways to raise awareness of this issue. Get involved in other ways:

Join us in our regular pickets of London Metropolitan University.

And protest to London Met’s hierarchy: see ‘Take Action’.

Islington Against Police Spies


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