Sack Bob Lambert – Picket London Met

Join us to demand the removal of former Police Spy, Serial Liar & Exploiter of Women Bob Lambert from London Metropolitan University.cropped-bob_inline11.jpg

Picket London Met
Thursday 30th April
12.00 – 2.00pm
LMU Tower, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

Bring placards, banners, sound systems, anything to make noise…

Former police spy, Special Branch manipulator, abuser of women, agent provocateur, Bob Lambert is STILL lecturing at London Metropolitan University on policing and criminology.

Despite increasing anger and disquiet from local residents, London Met students, and a fuury of press attention around this campaign, London Met are standing by Lambert.

Surely London Met is no place for a man who has:

  • Built a police career on lying, spying on political groups and community campaigns;
  • Stolen the name of a dead child to build a false identity;
  • acted as an agent provocateur, actively encouraging people to commit crimes so they could be arrested;
  • has been named in parliament as having planted a firebomb in a store in 1987;
  • started several sexual relationships & fathered a child just to make his cover more convincing, (a child he abandoned with no contact for 24 years); while all the time having a ‘real’ family back home;
  • encouraged other police spies working under his supervision to follow his dubious example – including sleeping with some of their targets;
  • sent undercover police to spy on the families of racist murder victims and people who have died in custody;
  • helped to arrange meetings between police spies and senior officers looking for ways to smear the family of Stephen Lawrence;
  • passed on undercover reports on trade unionists campaigning for better working conditions on building sites, which was used to blacklist workers;

…and much more…

If we have any kind of standards at all that we expect of teachers, lecturers, people in a position on responsibility and influence, Bob Lambert fails to meet up to them.

He has a long history of lying, exploiting women and manipulating others for his own ends. Is this really someone London Met thinks is appropriate to be teaching at a supposedly ‘progressive’ university?

The exposures of the activities of undercover police spying on campaigning groups, grieving families and political activists over recent years has led to many enquiries and investigations; women exploited by these officers are also suing the Metropolitan Police as the institution ultimately responsible. A public inquiry into the whole issue has been announced. We’ll have to see how much of what activists and victims of this undercover repression have revealed, will be admitted; an how much change the state (that ultimately bears responsibility for the undercover police) will really allow.

But together with institutional reform, the individual police spies themselves need to also be held to account. Lambert has pathetically ‘apologised’ for some bits of his past; because he was (belatedly) caught out. He needs to properly face the consequences of his actions.


Come down and join the picket. The bigger and noisier our protest, the more notice London Met will have to take of us.

Protest to the following in the London Met hierarchy, and demand that they sack Bob Lambert:

• John Raftery
, Vice-Chancellor; email:

 Tel: 020 7133 2001
• Peter McCaffery
, Deputy Vice-Chancellor; email: Tel: 020 7133 2401
• Jonathan Woodhead, Executive Officer; email:
. Tel: 020 7133 2042
• Paul Bowler
, Deputy Chief Executive; email: Tel: 020 7133 2031
• Peter Garrod
, University Secretary and Clerk to the Board; email:
. Tel: 020 7133 2004

You can also email Bob Lambert directly and let him know what you think of his activities:
Tel: 020 7133 4692

Spread the Word –  tell others about this campaign, raise the issue in your networks, communities, union, etc. The more people know about Bob, the more pressure we all put on the university, the more likely it is that he will have to go.


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